Gromov, Mikhael, 1943-


著者の属性 個人
一般注記 His Partial differential relations, c1986: CIP t.p. (Mikhael Gromov) t.p. verso (Prof. M. Gromov; Institute des hautes études scientifiques, France) data sheet (b. 12/23/43)
EDSRC:Geometries in interaction : GAFA special issue in honor of Mikhail Gromov / edited by Y. Eliashberg ... [et al.](Birkhäuser Verlag, c1995)
EDSRC:Metric structures for Riemannian and non-Riemannian spaces / Misha Gromov ; with appendices by M. Katz, P. Pansu, and S. Semmes ; English translation by Sean Michael Bates(Birkhäuser, c1999)
Dates of Birth and Death 1943
から見よ参照 Gromov, M
Gromov, Michael
Gromov, Mikhail
Gromov, Misha
Громов, Михаил
コード類 典拠ID=AU20002229  NCID=DA00396717
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